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LED Wreath(1 Pair) - 电子花圈 (一对)

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Shipping & Returns 运输和退货

Delivery will take place within 24 hours of order confirmation. No refund/exchanges once delivery arrives.


The minimum number of LED Wreaths we cater is 2 at $180($90 each) nett. All prices quoted is inclusive of delivery, set up, man power and collection. There are no changes to price if the wake is 3,5,7 days. 

Optional add-ons includes the deflatable balloon "gate" structure at $300/pc and lantern structure beside the wreaths for $50/pc
For the best effect, we strongly encourage our clients to share 10 wreaths among a group of friends.

    Same day delivery. Please check with us after confirmation for the timing of placements of wreaths.