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Inflatable Gate ( Christian Wake ) 拱门 (基督教徒)

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Shipping & Returns 运输和退货

Delivery will take place within 24 hours of order confirmation. No refund/exchanges once delivery arrives.


The minimum number of LED Wreaths we cater is 2 at $180($90 each) nett. All prices quoted is inclusive of delivery, set up, man power and collection. There are no changes to price if the wake is 3,5,7 days.

The Inflatable Gate is bound to impress as the centrepiece of the setup.

For the best effect, we strongly encourage our clients to share 10 wreaths among a group of friends. Lanterns accompanying the LED wreaths are a great option to enhance the setup.

    Same day delivery. Please check with us after confirmation for the timing of placements of wreaths.