We offer free island-wide delivery for all LED Funeral Wreaths and LED Condolence Flowers. Our flower stand for funeral and wakes will be delivered in the same day if the order is placed before 5pm. For all orders placed after 5pm, please check with us via WhatsApp on the time for delivery.

我们为所有 LED 葬礼花圈和 LED 吊灯花提供全岛免费送货服务。 如果在下午 5 点之前下订单,我们的货品将在同一天交付。 对于下午 5 点之后下的所有订单,请通过 WhatsApp 与我们确认交货时间。

Wreaths Singapore is the leading LED wreaths provider in Singapore established in 2019. Consultations with funeral directors were carried out to assess the acceptability of the LED wreath and ensure that these funeral flowers are suitable for all religious funeral. We have a wealth of experience for setting up and securing LED Wreaths. Wreaths Singapore 是新加坡领先的 LED 花圈供应商,成立于 2019 年。与殡仪馆主任进行了磋商,以评估 LED 花圈的可接受性,并确保这些葬礼鲜花适合所有宗教葬礼。 我们在设置和保护 LED 花圈方面拥有丰富的经验。

For an everlasting memory 永恒的记忆

LED Wreaths 电子花圈

LED Wreaths 电子花圈

Our quality wreaths are set up by engineers with vast experience dealing... 

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